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E.X. Troopers Background Story Detailed

What happens when Bren and Walter come to EDN-3rd in this PS3 and 3DS Lost Planet offshoot.


Capcom's Lost Planet offshoot E.X. Troopers disappeared after its announcement last month, and was a no-show at E3. Today, Capcom restarted the marketing ahead of a stage event at Capcom Summer Jam later this month.

Joining first full resolution screenshots from the game, Capcom detailed the background story. Things begin when main character Bren Turner joins the NEVEC educational institute "Academy." Bren, a trouble maker who speaks without thinking, wants to be the top Gingira Vital Suit pilot on EDN-3rd.

Bren leaves his home town and makes its way to EDN-3rd. Upon arrival, though, his transport ship is attacked by a mysterious group of Vital Suits.

Bren and his instructor, Walter, take control of the Gingira VS and face off against the attackers. Although emerging victorious, Bren and crew are forced into the EDN-3rd atmosphere. Bren and Walter escape in an escape pod and land on the EDN-3rd surface.

We should be hearing more about E.X. Troopers shortly, as the game will appear at Capcom Summer Jam on June 30 as part of stage event. May'n will perform the game's theme song Mr. Super Future Star live.

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