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Final Fantasy Art Gallery Opening in Shibuya

Stage events, exclusive development materials, Yoshitaka Amano artwork, and more!

From the PSP port of Final Fantasy III, the most recently announced FF game.

Square Enix will host a Final Fantasy themed art exhibit in Shibuya in late August and early September. The exhibit will have development materials, artwork from Yoshitaka Amano, displays of various "objects," and stage events. Visitors can look forward to seeing exclusive items that can't be seen elsewhere.

The exhibit will be held on August 31, September 1 and September 2. The 31st is an early access event. The other two are for the general public. Square Enix has not yet said how (or if) members of the public can get on the invite list for the 31st.

Further details on the content of the stage events and so-forth will be announced later at the event special site.

This exhibit is part of Square Enix's ongoing 25th anniversary celebrations for Final Fantasy.

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