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Nintendo Software Made the Most Money in May

Capcom boosted by Dragon's Dogma, Broccoli by Uta no Prince Sama.


Nintendo was May's biggest publisher in terms of software revenues. Stats released today by Enterbrain and Famitsu show that Nintendo commanded 27.8% of software revenue shares for the month. Capcom came in second with 26.4%, followed by Namco Bandai at 12.2%, Konami at 4.3% and Square Enix at 3.0%.

From Famitsu.com

This is the second month in a row that Nintendo has been at top. While it had just one new release in this month's top ten, Mario Tennis Open, Aprils' big releases, including Mario Party 9 and Fire Emblem Awakening, and older titles like Kid Icarus Uprising and Super Mario 3D Land, remained popular.

Capcom's second place rank was supported by May's top game, Drgaon's Dogma. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, released in April, also continued to show strong sales.

The remaining top 10 includes Broccoli, Sega, Idea Factory, Tecmo Koei and 5pb., in that order. Broccoli placed 42nd in April. Its sudden climb to 6th was due to Uta no Prince Sama Debut, which was the 8th best selling game for the month. 5pb. placed 13th last month. Its boost was due to Steins;Gate Double Pack, which placed 10th on the monthly software sales chart.

The May revenue chart covers April 30 through May 27.

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