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PS3's Free Gundam Game Gundam Battle Operation Gets 100,000 Registrations


Advanced registration for PS3's Gundam Battle Operation has topped the 100,000 mark, Namco Bandai announced today. Registration began at PlayStation Store on June 7.

Set for release on June 28, Gundam Battle Operation is a free-to-download-and-play multiplayer Gundam game that offers 12 player simultaneous online combat. Each battle lasts eight minutes, with the team earning the most points at the end of battle being crowned victor.

Namco Bandai shared details on the game's pricing plans here. Players will have to pay for some items and item upgrades, and to play more frequently.

The pre-registration campaign will continue through June 27. Those who register will get a couple of Mobile Suits for use when service begins on the 28th.

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