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Atelier Ayesha: Meet Odileia the Automata, Kyle the Barkeep, and Tanya the Salt Miner


This week's screenshot update for Atelier Ayesha introduces three new characters, Odileia, Kyle and Tanya.

[secthead_sub[Odileia (Age ??, Blood ?, Height 157cm)[/secthead_sub]

Odileia is an Automata, or mechanical doll. She works in a library of alchemy where she'll help Ayesha in finding books.

Kyle Tarenbert (Age 26, Blood A, Height 165cm)

Tanya Folta (Age 11, Blood A, Height 154cm)

Tanya is a young girl who lives with her family on the salt fields in an area far from town. She longs for the big town lifestyle of Ayesha.

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