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Phantasy Star Online 2 Open Beta Begins June 21

Register in advance for some virtual swag for your my room.


Sega has announced a final June 21, 16:00 start time for Phantasy Star Online 2's full open beta test.

Those who register in advance for the open beta will receive a Rappy Min Doll as a present. This can be used to decorate your my room. Register in advance at the PSO2 official site.

The game's pre-open beta test was held on June 15 and June 16. Over a total of 12 hours of play time, the game had 91,000 participants and a maximum of 41,500 simultaneous connections. The latter figure beat out the game's previous record of 23,500 connections.

Sega did not say when full service on PSO2 will begin. However, it did say that if there are no major problems, they plan on switching to official service as soon as possible. Open beta players will be able to carry their data over once official service has begin.

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