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No Japanese Delay for Anarchy Reigns

Developer Platinum Games not briefed about international delay. Development already complete.


Sega pushed back Anarchy Reigns to first quarter 2013 in European and American markets. So what's the game's status in Japan? Atsushi Inaba of developer Platinum Games addressed the issue at Twitter today.

Inaba first assured that the game's development has not been delayed. Development for all areas of the world is already complete, he said. The North American and European release delay has nothing to do with development delays.

The game will make its previously announced July 5 Japanese release.

So why the international delay? Inaba isn't sure. Platinum hadn't been briefed before the announcement, and Sega still hasn't said anything to them.

Inaba also assured that even though the release dates are different, there won't be any differences in content between the international and Japanese versions of the game.

If you're planning on picking up the Japanese version of Anarchy Reigns, first make sure your system will play it, and then make sure you look for it under its Japanese name, Max Anarchy.

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