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Bravely Default Composer Announced

Plus, get a first look at the soundtrack packaging.


One of the big topics for any Square Enix game is the composer. Square Enix today clarified who's doing the musical component for Bravely Default Flying Fairy.

The game's sound work was headed up by Sound Horizon's Revo. But his work on the Bravely Default project goes beyond just the game itself. Revo has started up a new project called Linked Horizon. This project will consist of a series of original songs that are based off the Bravely Default music and are linked with the Bravely Defaul world view.

The first single in the project will be released on August 22, priced ¥1,200. The single will include a serial code for special equipment for your character.

A full Bravely Default Flying Fairy Original Soundtrack will also be released around the same time as the game. Square Enix has not yet shared a final release date for the game or the soundtrack.

The original soundtrack, shown to the right.

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