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Okami PS3 Confirmed with Move and 1080p Support

Lastest HD remaster set for November release.


Yesterday's reports of a PS3 version of Okami have been confirmed by Famitsu (and early Famitsu leaker Tales Source).

As reported yesterday, the PS3 game is a remastered version of the original Okami. It's titled Okami Zekkie-ban, which we're translating as Okami Magnificent Version for now.

The game will support PlayStation Move. According to Sinobi, who also gets Famitsu in advance, the game's visuals will support full 1080p HD.

Aside from these little bits, we're waiting on details on what's new.

PS3's Okami HD remaster will be released on November 1, priced ¥3,990. The first print run of the game will include a serial code for a Play View digital version of a book based off Okami.

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