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Lost Heroes: PSP VS 3DS

PSP players can customize their special move music.


One of the surprise announcements from a couple of Famitsus ago was that Namco Bandai was readying a PSP version of Lost Heroes. The game had previously been announced just for 3DS.

When the PSP version was first announced, Famitsu revealed that the two versions would include different bonuses. The 3DS version would include Famicom title SD Hero Soukessen. The PSP version would include custom themes and other goodies.

This week's Famitsu reveals some actual in-game differences between the two versions as well.

The 3DS version will have Street Pass support. Via Street Pass, you'll be able to obtain Random Cubes, special dungeons which make it easy to obtain rare items.

PSP players will also be able to obtain the Random Cube dungeons, although how this is done is not clear at present.

The PSP version will exclusively offer a Custom Soundtrack option. You'll be able to make it so that the background music changes to your preferred track when using Hero Skills.

Lost Heroes is a dungeon RPG that combines characters from such franchises as Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam. Famitsu reveals this week that Z Gundam, Ultraman Taro and Kamen Rider Denou will appear in the game.

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