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PlayStation 3's Eureka Seven AO Hyrbid Disc Dated

Latest anime + game pairing sees release in September.


Famitsu has first actual details this week on the Eureka Seven AO hybrid disc that Namco Bandai announced last month alongside the Rinne no Lagrnage hybrid disc.

The anime part of the Eureka Seven AO hybrid disc is a thirty minute OVA that bridges episodes 8 and 9 of the television series. The game part is Eureka Seven AO Attack the Legend, an action game that lets you take control of mecha from Eureka Seven and its offshoots.

As with all hybrid discs, Namco Bandai is packing in the bonus footage. You'll find over 80 minutes of footage, including a look at the premier event for the Eureka Seven pachislot game, and a dialogue with the voice cast. A limited edition version will include a special box, a script, and "Eureka Seven Archive."

This latest PS3 hybrid disc will be released on September 20, priced ¥7,980 in standard form and ¥10,500 in LE form.

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