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Ys Celceta Sea of Trees: Command Party Members with the Touch Screen

Vita's first Ys game has supposedly improved some since these screenshots from last September.

Ys Celceta Sea of Trees resurfaced in Famitsu this week following nine months of silence. The magazine delivered a release date and a full preview for Falcom's first PlayStation Vita Ys game.

As detailed earlier, Celceta Sea of Trees is due for release on September 27, priced ¥7,140 at retail. The magazine does not list a price for the download version.

Sokuho's summary of Famitsu's article says that the game's visuals have improved over our previous look from last September. Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo did previously promise visual improvements.

The magazine has just a few gameplay details. Making use of a simple control scheme, you'll be able to perform flashy battle actions. In addition to performing skills with button presses, you can tap the touch screen to direct your party members. You can also perform aerial group combos with your party members. As you fight, you'll learn new skills.

The fields of play have details like time shifts, cycling through morning, afternoon and night. The environments make use of positional sound effects to make you feel like you're in the action.

Development on Celceta Sea of Trees is currently at 80%. Kondo promised the ultimate title in the Ys series, with all elements powered up for the new hardware, and Falcom's full effort going into producing the game as a 25th anniversary title.

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