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EX Troopers: Screens and Character Details

The latest on Capcom's Lost Planet spinoff.


Capcom shared screens and details today for four characters from EX Troopers, the Lost Plant spinoff that's coming to PS3 and 3DS later his year.

Look below for the character profiles. You'll also find additional details in this story.


A girl who was born on EDN-3rd. In addition to being a snow pirate, she also has genius linguistic skills. She also gives her all during battle.


He not only pilots a Vital Suit, but is also a leader of his organization. He always attains high rank on missions, and is particularly confident with his firing ability. He considers main character Bren a rival.


The groups mood maker, but she's extremely cool to things she doesn't express interest in. She's a mechanic who has abundant knowledge and a love of Vitality Suits.


He joined the EDN-3rd forces before Bren and is his superior. He's usually calm and quiet, but when it comes to something that he knows about, like his special knowledge of EDN-3rd, he'll talk up a storm.

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