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Dragon Quest X Battle Screenshots

What role do warriors, thieves and mages serve in the online DQ?


The focus of this week's Dragon Quest X screenshot update is, like last week, on combat.

DQX offers players six basic jobs. Each of these jobs comes with special abilities which lead to different uses in battle. Today, Square Enix detailed three of the jobs: Warriors, Thieves and Mages.

Warriors should engage in direct attacks and protect the party's mages and monks. Moves include Souten Mazan, which paralyzes the enemy, Freeze Blade, and Gigaslash.

Thieves should switch between attack and defense and also make use of the steal command to rob enemies of their gold and items. Moves include Tiger Claw and Banana Drop. The latter move has the character drop a banana on the ground to lure the enemy, who slips on the banana and becomes temporarily immobile.

Mages should rely on their allies to stand in front and stop enemy attacks, and should cast attack spells from afar.

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