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Assault Gunners Screenshots

A closer look at Marvelous AQL's PS Vita mech game.


Marvelous AQL has released a larger version of the Assault Gunners trailer that we shared yesterday, along with a bunch of screenshots. Take a look at the media below.

Assault Gunners is a download exclusive mech combat game for Vita. Players will team up in groups of four to face large enemy squadrons or massive enemy bosses. The game can be played solo with one player giving commands to three CPU allies, or via ad-hoc multiplayer. In addition to cooperative multipalyer, the game also has competitive play.

As you play the game's 30 plus missions, you'll unlock over 100 parts. These can be used to customize your mech. The game includes 10 base mech styles of widely varying form, like bipedal, caterpillar type, and multi jointed type.

A demo for Assault Gunners will be released today. You'll be able to carry your data into the final version, which hits on June 28, priced ¥1,480.

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