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Tales of the World Tactics Union Screens and Gameplay Details


Tales is going tactical on Android phones on July 2. Namco Bandai provided a new batch of screenshots today from Tales of the World Tactics Union, a mobile strategy title that brings all your favorite Tales characters together for grid-based strategy.

The basic strategic gameplay looks to be what you'd expect of a tactics game. Character movement turn is determined by the character's status. You can see the upcoming turns in the upper areas of the screen.

To use your character's special abilities, you'll need to make use of "Arts Points." These are accumulated on each turn, and can also be recovered through items.

Prior to battle, you'll be able to set your character with skills, giving increased attack power,HP, guard moves and other abilities.

Depending on the character, your moves will have different range. The strikes from a lance-based character hit two grid blocks. A character with bow and arrow can't attack his immediate surroundings, but can attack over long distance.

As you battle, your characters will develop relationships with one-another. Characterscan have a different favorability rating for one-another. This rises up to three levels based off your actions -- healing, for instance. When one character's favorability for another character rises, you'll get to view special conversations.

When two characters have strong feelings for one-another, they'll work together in various ways. A character may follow up on another character's attack without depleting any AP, or may even defend another character from attack.

Your party as a whole as an "Over Limit Gauge." Fill this up, and you can perform an Over Limit, giving a character increased parameters.

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