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Gundam Battle Operation Ground Combat Screens and Details


Namco Bandai's sorta-free-to-play Gundam game Gundam Battle Operation isn't just about mech-based battle with your fellow online players. The game also has a ground combat component where you run around as a foot soldier.

Even though Mobile Suits are much bigger than people, there are a number of advantages of going at it on foot. You won't be shown on enemy radar until you attack. You can place bombs on enemy bases, and disarm bombs that have been placed on yours. You can make repairs to Mobile Suits, vehicles and your bases. You can steal enemy Mobile Suits and vehicles and ride them. You can make direct attack on specific positions of a Mobile Suit.

The demerits are the obvious. Take a hit or come into contact with an enemy Mobile Suit or vehicle, and you die instantly. You're also much weaker and slower than your mechanical counterparts.

When out on foot, you have access to a variety of weapons, including a bazooka, an assault rifle, a flash grenade and a time bomb. Your most important weapon, however, could be your Repair Tool, which you can use to repair damaged Mobile Suits and bases repeatedly.

In addition to new screens of the game's foot component, we also have screens of the new Abandoned City stage, and the latest Mobile Suits and vehicles, including Prototype Gundam, Zaku Tank, Zaku Canon, and Z'Gok.

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