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Nintendo Direct 06.2012 Live Blog

The latest 3DS and Wii details straight from CEO Satoru Iwata.


Nintendo is holding its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast today at noon. CEO Satoru Iwata will once again deliver announcements about the 3DS and Wii.

You can watch the broadcast for yourself at Ustream or Nico Nico Live. We'll be live blogging the proceedings below, so be sure and keep this window open during the broadcast.

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12:53: That's it for the main part of the presentation. I must have heard wrong about Smash Bros. being featured later in the broadcast. However, Iwata did promise a message at the Nintendo official site from Sakurai and the Namco Bandai producer, so we may get some details later.

I won't be updating this live blog any more, but you may want to keep watching the broadcast for additional game and promotional footage.

12:51: Next, Iwata mentions some of the e-Shop content that will be available today. Monster Hunter 3G will get its usual challenge quests. A demo of Etrian Odyssey IV will be available, as will a few 3D videos.

12:51: Next, Iwata discusses the online sales of Kid Icarus Uprising AR cards. This was announced earlier in the week.

12:50: Following today's presentation, Nintendo will cut the price of a bunch of e-Shop games 20% for a week period. Check the schedule at the official site later. This promotion is being done to commemorate the one year anniversary of the e-Shop.

12:48: Next, e-Shop exclusive titles.

First, Gyouretsu Nageloop. This is a puzzle game where you knock people out of lines. Iwata said to consider it like an new version of Puzloop. Release set for Summer.

12:46: Next, Animal Crossing 3DS, which sets you as mayor. This is due for release in the Fall.

12:43: Moving back to software, Iwata announces an updated version of the DS paint program, Shin Egokoro Kyoshitsu, due for release on September 13.

12:40: Next, uh-oh! A larger Nintendo 3DS!

The screen is 4.88 inches. It gives 90% extra view area.

The lower screen is now 4.18 inch. It also has 90% extra view area.

The game will have slightly longer battery life.

Also, they're increasing the size of the Memory Card to 4 gigabyte.

In order to keep the cost down, they won't be including an AC adapter. You'll have to buy it separately, but you can also use your adapter from your other Nintendo hardware.

The system, named Nintendo 3DS LL, will be released in White, Red x Black and Silver x Black varieties on July 28, priced ¥18,900. This is the same release date as Mario and Onitore.

12:37: Next, Onitore, the new Brain Age game.

Iwata announces the final name... which is very long, but you can probably abbreviate it "Five Minute Oni Training."

Iwata introduces a math game where you have to answer the previous question when a new question has come up. This involves training your "working memory," as you have to remember your previous answer. Eventually, you'll have to answer two questions back, and so-forth.

Oni Training will be released as both retail and download, like Mario.

12:32: First, New Super Mario Bros. 2. Iwata shares a trailer.

Nintendo had some celebrities try out the game's Coin Rush mode. This will be available for viewing later.

Coin Rush mode will have paid download stages following release. The development team will work on the paid stages after release, and will respond to user feedback. We'll get pricing details later.

12:32: Next, Nintendo first party games.

12:30: Next... footage for Bravely Default Flying Fairy. The music in the trailer is from Revo.

The footage shows lots of gameplay, including the world map and field exploration, and some impressive spells during battle.

The third demo will be released shortly, Iwata says (this was announced in Jump last week).

Bravely Default will be released some time this year.

12:29: Next, Project X Zone!

Along with some sweet gameplay footage, Iwata details some of the gameplay systems we've heard about over the past few weeks.

Project X Zone will be released some time this year.

12:27: Next, E.X. Troopers, from Capcom.

Iwata shares a trailer showing some actual gameplay!

E.X. Troopers is due for release some time this year.

12:23: Next, AKB48+ME from Kadokawa Games. This is the first we've heard about this in a while!

Kadokawa prepared a special introduction from a few AKB48 members. I'm pleased to say that I have no idea what their names are.

The video will show the game's "Live Mode," which apparently has Miis for the girls dancing around and singing terrible AKB48 songs.

After the video, the girls express surprise at how similar the Miis look.

Iwata takes over and recaps some of the details all of which were announced a while back.

AKB48+Me will be released this Fall.

12:22: Next, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 2, from Tecmo Koei. Due for release on September 13.

12:20: Next, Lost Heroes from Namco Bandai. this is due for release on September 6.

12:19: First, Devil Summoner Soul Hackers, from Atlus. Due for release on August 30.

12:19: Iwata next moves on to third party titles.

12:17: Iwata takes over the broadcast to introduce Pocket Soccer League Calciobit, an upcoming 3DS soccer game.

He details an online support site for the game, and a celebrity tie-up that will be broadcast on Nico Nico.

Calciobit is due on July 12.

12:14: Next, an introduction to Culdcept. I'm not sure who the lady introducing the game is, but I'm glad Iwata's not trying to use his sexy voice!

You get some goodies if you and a friend each buy a copy of the game... or something like that.

Culdcept is due for release on June 28.

12:12: Next up, Pokemon Black & White 2, which is due for release on Saturday.

After a general introduction, Iwata discusses a tournament Pokemon will hold on June 29.

12:09: Next, Dragon Quest X!

The first 20 hours play time will be free. They will also have a free Kids Time period. These were already announced I believe.

Iwata says to expect another event to more fully cover DQX. Details will be announced at the Nintendo official site.

DQX is due on August 2, priced ¥6,980. You'll find an 11 minute video of DQX after today's presentation.

12:06: Next, Kirby!

Iwata introduces us to the content of the Memorial collection game.

There are three modes. First, Collection, which includes six games form the series. We detailed these last week.

Next: Motto Challenge Stage. These are challenges based off the challenge stages in the Wii game.

Finally: Kirby History, which has play movies, comics, anime and more from past Kirby product.

The game will have a soundtrack and booklet included.

Release date is July 19, priced ¥3,800. Nintendo will also hold a campaign at Club Nintendo. You can win a badge collection, beach cushion, a Kirby disk case and more.

After today's broadcast, they'll have a video showing the Game Center CX guy playing Kirby Super Deluxe.

12:05: Iwata next moves on to the Wii Fatal Frame 2 remake. He tells people to download a video of the game's Ghost Mansion Mode after today's broadcast.

12:03: Namco Bandai games and Namco Bandai Studio is working as developer on the Smash Bros. games.

Producer at Namco Bandai is Kobayashi. Director at Namco Bandai is Tales series Higuchi.

Sora's Masahiro Sakurai is, of course, heading up the project. We'll get commentary from him and Kobayashi after today's broadcast.

12:03: We'll get a followup on Smash Bros today!

12:02: First, Iwata is recapping E3.

Iwata apologizes for some of the issues Japanese players may have had with the E3 presentations -- the focus on US games, and some technical difficulties.

12:01: Real Iwata takes over and reminds everyone about the pre-E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Today's broadcast will focus on Nintendo 3DS -- Iwata promised that they would have such a broadcast.

12:00: Today's broadcast is hosted by Polygon Iwata, made by the Onitori team!

He asked the team to make this visual for him in celebration of Onitori's upcoming release.

(Onitori is the new Brain Age game.)

11:59: The presentation runs a full 53 minutes this time! They'll have special videos afterwards, like always.

11:58: The broadcast will begin in a few minutes.

In case you've read live blogs here before, we're doing something new with this one. Updates will stream in automatically, so there's no need to refresh the page.

11:39: The broadcast will begin in about 20 minutes. While waiting, be sure and check out our updated release list to see what's due for release in the coming months:

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