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Square Enix Teases Idolmaster Project

We'll find out what the Imas x Square Enix project is all about next week.


Square Enix is teasing some sort of Idolmaster project that will be announced on the 28th or possibly before.

Yes, that's Square Enix and not Namco Bandai. While Namco Bandai is the publisher and rights holder for the Idolmaster series, this new tease is from Square Enix.

Not the video game Square Enix, though. Square Enix is also a book and magazine publisher. The online version of the company's Gan Gan Comics monthly comic magazine is promising an article covering some sort of "Idolmaster x Square Enix Project." The article will be posted on the site's next update date, June 28.

Current popular speculation is that the mystery project is a manga conversion for the Idolmaster series.

While we'll definitely have clarification on the 28th, an announcement could come a bit sooner than that as Namco Bandai hosts the Idolmaster 7th Anniversary event on Saturday. First footage for the recently announced Idolmaster Shiny Festa game will debut there.

A listing at the Gan Gan site outs this mystery Square Enix collaboration.

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