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High Sell Through and Pre-Order Rate For Persona 4 The Golden

Lollipop Chainsaw sees equal sell-throughs on PS3 and Xbox 360.


PlayStation Vita may have its first genuine hit with Persona 4 The Golden. In addition to placing first last week with 137,076 units sold -- the first time a Vita game has topped 100,000 in its first week -- Media Create reports today a high 84.11% sell-through.

The Golden may be just a remake of PlayStation 2's Persona 4, but it beat similar remakes on the PSP. Persona 3 Portable sold 94,000 units in its first week in November 2009. Persona 2 Innocent Sin sold 63,000 in its first week in April 2011.

The Golden also beat out its predecessors in a stat we usually don't hear about: percentage of first week sales that came from pre-orders. The original Persona 4 sold 29.1% of its first week's total to pre-orders. Persona 3 Portable sold 56%. Persona 2 Innocent Sin sold 45.9%. The Golden reached a high 66.6%. Media Create believes this is the result of user demand through the exposure Persona 4 has received through a variety of media (anime, manga, stage, etc.).

Outside of Persona 4 The Golden, the week's other big release was Lollipop Chainsaw . This sold 53,000 units on PS3 and 14,000 units on Xbox 360. Both systems saw a 77% sell-through.

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