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Over 200 Characters in Project X Zone

Crossover strategy game has some of your favorite enemies too.


Namco Bandai still hasn't revealed the exact playable character count for Project X Zone. But today, we got another hint.

The game's official blog revealed today that the game has over 200 characters. This figure includes allies and enemies. It does not include characters who appear exclusively in event scenes.

The "enemy" characters aren't just generic designs. You'll find enemies from the various franchises used for both bosses and standard foes.

Joining the character count, the blog provided one little gameplay bit. When it's time to move one of your ally units, a phase which is referred to as the ally "phase," you can freely move the character around his highlighted area, much like in an RPG. You'll find things like treasure boxes and obstacles in the area. There's no penalty for making extraneous movements to open treasure boxes and destroy obstacles before attacking the enemy, so you can do quite a bit during a single phase. The attack command has to come last, though, as the character's turn automatically ends after this.

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