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Iwata Promises Low Priced Wii U and Profitability This Year


Nintendo has not yet announced a price for the Wii U, but all signs are pointing towards "reasonable." In an interview that appeared in today's Yomiuri Shimbun daily, CEO Satoru Iwata said of the company's pricing strategy for the Wii U, "We won't make the same mistake that we did with the 3DS, which was considered relatively high by consumers."

Iwata and other Nintendo higher ups have expressed similar sentiments in past comments without actually disclosing the system's price. Yomiuri quotes an analyst as saying that 30,000 yen would be the break-even price for Nintendo.

Regarding the system itself, Iwata promised that Nintendo would "have an appealing product at launch." He noted that thanks to its special tablet-style controller and the inclusion of social network style functionality, "it's like no other system before it."

Iwata also made some comments about Nintendo's financial state. This past fiscal year, due to the rising yen and the 3DS price cut, which meant the newly released portable system had to be sold at a loss, the company posted its first over loss since going public. While admitting to difficulties caused by the continued rising yen, Iwata said "we've fixed the 3DS profitability issue, and pledge to turn profitable by the end of this fiscal year."

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