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Namco Bandai Partners with GREE for Social Pac-Man, Naruto, Tales and Idolmaster


Namco Bandai is teaming up with social gaming giant GREE to bring major franchises like Pac-Man and Idolmaster to the GREE Platform.

The two firms announced the new tie-up today, but we've already heard about a few of the upcoming games.

On June 27, Namco Bandai will begin service on the previously announced Naruto x GREE game for feature phones. The game's final name is Naruto Shinobi Masters. Naruto is also planned for service overseas.

Tales of Card Evolved, a previously announced card-based game based off the Tales RPG series, will follow some time this summer. A social version of the Summon Night strategy RPG series is due in the Fall, with social Pac-Man and Idolmaster games set for the Winter. Of these, Namco Bandai says Pac-Man will be offered internationally.

Screens from the new Naruto game.

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