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Pokemon Black & White 2 Sells 1.6 Million Units First Week

Third best start for the DS.

Lines for a Black & White 2 launch event on Saturday.

Enterbrain and Famitsu have provided a first week sales figure for Pokemon Black & White 2. The DS sequel sold 1,618,621 in its first week of sales. As the game was released on a Saturday, the "first week" includes just two days.

Black & White 2 ended up with the third best start for the DS platform. It's also the first game to sell a million units this year, on any platform.

The fastest selling DS game is, of course, the original Black & White, which pushed 2,637,285 units in its first week in September 2010. That release also covered just two days. Dragon Quest IX is second with 2,343,440, also across two days.

Famitsu also shared life-to-date sales of the various platforms that are capable of playing Black & White 2. DS has now reached 32,855,241 units. 3DS has reached 6,288,334 units. Unlike the Black & White 2 figure, which includes through the 24th, the hardware figures are through the 17th.

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