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Larger Scale for This Year's Tokyo Game Show

CESA shares ticketing and event details.


Tokyo Game Show organizer CESA said today that this year's event will have far greater scale than last year's. While exhibitors occupied 1,250 units of space at last year's event, the current figure for this year is 1,592 units.

The show will also have a greater international presence. Of the current 171 confirmed exhibitors, 68 are from outside of Japan. Last year had a total of 63 international exhibitors.

CESA also shared details on tickets and the various sub events that will be part of TGS.

General admission tickets will go on sale at various ticket centers on July 11. The price is the usual ¥1,000.

TGS 2012 Supporters Club tickets will go on sale simultaneously. These are priced ¥3,000 and include various bonuses.

Business day attendees will be able to register at the Tokyo Game Show official site starting in early August. General business admission for both business days is ¥5,000.

CESA will hold many of the sub events that it held last year, including the TGS Forum 2012, complete with keynotes, the Asia Game Business Summit, the Cyber Games Asia e-Sports tournament, a cosplay event, a TGS tour for international and domestic visitors, and official goods sales.

This year's cosplay section will be expanded. Cosplayers are usually placed in the outside area between halls 3 and 4. This year, in addition to that, CESA will open up a space outside the main event space. Cosplayers from Japan and abroad will also be able to take part in a stage event.

Further details on these sub events will be announced in July.

Access the newly opened TGS 2012 official site here.

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