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Yoshitaka Amano Doing Character Design Work on UnchainBlades EXXIV

Plus, a one month delay, one month after the game's announcement.


One of the big charms of Furyu's PSP and 3DS RPG UnchainBlades Rexx was its cast of characters, each designed by a famous character designer. For the game's sequel, UnchainBlades EXXIV, Furyu has upped the famous one notch.

Famitsu reveals this week that Yoshitaka Amano will be contributing to the project. The illustrator, known for his work on the Final Fantasy series, did the design for the game's black knight character.

Outside of Amano's role in the game, Famitsu reveals that Nana Mizuki will sing the game's theme song. And some bad news: the game has been delayed. Furyu announced an October 18 release date when the game was first unveiled last month. Famitsu now lists a November 15 date.

[via Tales Source]

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