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Dead or Alive 5 Has an Updated Photography Mode

Plus, first details on newcomer character Rig.


When you're not pounding and pounding and pounding (and pounding and pounding) away at Lei Fang and Kasumi in Dead or Alive 5, you'll be able to snap still pics of them. DOA5 features a photography mode, Famitsu says this week. Using an improved control system over previous DOA photo modes, you'll be able to set your favorite angle and snap a still pics of the fight.

You're not just limited to still pics, of course. The game also allows you to play back your replays. You're free to zoom in and change angles, meaning you can place the focus on your favorite parts.

If you plan on doing away with the fighting all together, the game also gives you full zooming and angle control when watching CPU fights.

As reported earlier, Famisu also has a look at Bass and newcomer Rig. The latter character is a Taekwondo fighter from Canada.

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