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Hori Readying HDMI Version of PlayStation 3 Docking LCD Monitor


Remember that monitor attachment that transformed your PlayStation 3 into a system that would totally be portable if someone were to hurry up and invent wireless electricity? Hori is readying an updated version of the device.

The big new feature for the HD LCD Monitor 3 HDMI Compatible Version are an HDMI input and D-input. These replace the AV Multi and composite inputs of the previous models.

With HDMI and D, you'll now be able to connect your other HD systems to the monitor, although you won't be able to dock with them, of course.

The basic specs remain unchanged. The resolution is still 1366x768, the monitor is still 11.6 inches, and you'll still have to power the device separately via an included LCD screen.

The HD LCD Monitor 3 will be released on July 26, priced ¥26,800.

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