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Granzella Opens 15-and-up Home Beach Lounge

Former Irem developer's studio continues to push Home content.


Granzella will eventually release an actual game. But for now, we're getting nothing but home lounges from the studio formed last year by Irem's Kazuma Kujo (Disaster Report, Bumpy Trot).

The studio will soon open a new lounge called "Another Beach" in commemoration of its one year anniversary on PlayStation Home.

The beach will be free for all, but will only be accessible by those 15 and up. Granzella will also sell a personal space called "Hot Beach Just For Two." This will be priced ¥700, discounted to ¥500 through July 31.

Look forward to the latest Home content from Granzella on July 4. Here's a trailer that shows the public and private areas.

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