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Project X Zone Screenshots and Solo Unit Gameplay Details

Plus, a look at the special first print run box!


Famitsu.com has posted new screenshots of Project X Zone, showing the new characters that were revealed in Weekly Famitsu this week. As reported earlier, the game's cast now includes Imca (Valkyria Chronicles 3), Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins), Rikiya Busujima (Zombie Revenge), Flynn (Tales of Vesperia) and Devilotte (Cyberbots). View the gallery below for the screens.

The screens also show two original characters, Kogoro Tenzia and Mii Kouryuuji:

There are a couple of gameplay details in Famitsu's report regarding the mysterious "Solo Units." Thus far, the details we've received on the battle system involve Pair Units -- that is, units formed by two characters. You can also add a Solo Unit to this Pair Unit. During battle, you can use the Solo Unit's skills, and also make the Solo Unit perform a Solo Attack by pressing L.

Here's how you can create an attack with five party members. When you perform an attack with the Pair Unit you're currently moving, if another Pair Unit is in the vicinity, you can press R to call the other Pair Unit in for a Support Attack. Press L, and your Solo Unit will also come into the attack, resulting in five character carnage.

Finally, a look at the game's first print run packaging. In addition to a special box, this includes a booklet introducing the characters and their games, and a "crossover soundtrack CD" featuring the game's background music. This isn't a limited edition -- just the first print run of the standard edition, which sees release on October 11, priced ¥6,280.

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