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3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Expansion Coming This Year

Make your 3DS XL even more XL with a second thumb pad.


3DS XL does not have a second Circle Pad. Not yet, at least.

Nintendo will be offering a 3DS XL version of the Circle Pad Pro some time this year. The company revealed plans for the accessory in a Q&A about the 3DS XL that appeared in Famitsu this week (you can view a sample page from the Q&A at Famitsu.com).

Outside of the year 2012 release time frame, the Q&A does not share further specifics on the device.

To the left, a 3DS XL (or LL, as it's known in Japan -- that's how the shirts are labeled too). To the right, a Circle Pad Pro mounted to a standard 3DS.

Famitsu's Q&A also mentions two additional points about the 3DS XL. You'll be able to transfer your data and download software from the 3DS to 3DS XL, just as you can transfer from the 3DS to another 3DS right now. The 3DS XL will also work just fine with the stand that shipped with Kid Icarus Uprising.

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