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Closer Look at the Project X Zone Limited Box

Plus, new trailer coming soon!


Here's a bigger pic of the Project X Zone first print run edition that you're going to be forced to get if you buy at launch.

In addition to the special box, the special package includes two bonus goodies:

  • A 48-page full color booklet introducing all the various games, complete with promotion illustrations, artwork and more.
  • The "Crossover Soundtrack CD" with game music from Project X Zone. The CD is apparently filled to the max with music.

This package is just for the game's first print run. Once supplies run out, the game will switch to the software only package. Both versions cost the same, so if you plan on buying Project X Zone, you'll want to buy early.

In other Project X Zone news, the game's official blog reveals that work on a new trailer has been completed. The trailer will air in the coming days.

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