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Toriyama Discusses FFXIII Season 2, DLC and CEO's Recent FFVII Comment at Taipei GDC


Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama gave a presentation at the Game Developers Conference yesterday. No, not that Game Developers Conference!

Toriyama spoke about Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel at the Game Developers Conference in Taipei, which was held on the 26th and 27th. Famitsu.com filed a full report, packed with pics of the presentation and the many slides showing top secret XIII-2 design docs.

When browsing the Famitsu.com pics, you'll want to look for one that says "Final Fantasy XIII Season 2." This was apparently what the game was referred to during the concept phases.

Toriyama also spoke about the use of download content in FFXIII-2. This is the first time Square Enix has placed such effort into download content for a numbered FF game. The plan to offer DLC for the game was in place at the start of development, revealed Toriyama. During the end of the main XIII-2's development, the staff started work on DLC in parallel. Toriyama believes that DLC will be a required feature for future games.

Toriyama's presentation ended not with Final Fantasy XIII or XIII-2, but with Final Fantasy VII. During a Q&A session, an attendee asked when a Final Fantasy VII remake will be released. Toriyama replied by mentioning the recent quote from Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada saying that Square Enix won't make an FFVII remake until they've made a game that surpasses FFVII. He joked, "As a creator, there's a bit in there that I can't agree with."

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