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Square Enix Employees Are Possibly the Best Paid in the Industry


Square Enix leads the Japanese game industry in employee compensation, according to a ranking chart posted today by Nensyu Labo, a site that tracks salaries across various industries.

With an average salary of 21,680,000 yen, Square Enix Holdings is easily ahead of the rest of the industry. Sony comes in second with 9,230,000 yen. Nintendo follows with 9,140,000 yen. Other top placers in the chart are:

  • 5. Konami: 6.78 million
  • 6. Namco Bandai Holdings: 6.40 million
  • 7. Tecmo Koei Holdings: 6.15 million
  • 9. Capcom: 5.71 million
  • 11. Marvelous AQL: 5.56 million
  • 14. Gung Ho Online Entertainment: 5.04 million
  • 15. Falcom: 4.68 million
  • 20: Nippon Ichi: 3.70 million
  • 21: Tose: 3.50 milllion

Nensyu Labo says that it compiles its data based off public filings. Some of the numbers are a bit suspect (that high Square Enix Holdings figure, for instance), so you'll have to consider how far you'd like to read into them as indicative of how much an average employee at the company actually makes.

View Nensyu Lab's top salary chart here. The chart to the right is a sales ranking, showing Nintendo at top, followed by Sony (game division), Namco Bandai, Konami, and Square Enix.

[via Hachimaki]

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