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Pokemon Black & White 2: Black Beats White, Pre-Order Figures and Other Stats

Sequel performs well, but not up to its predecessor's level.


Pokemon Black & White 2 sold 80.17% of stock, Media Create reported today. As reported earlier in the week, the game topped the weekly sales charts with 1,561,738 units.

While 80.17% is a high sell-through rate, it's not as high as the original Black & White's 87.65%. Media Create explains the difference by suggesting that because Pokemon Co. did not provide any sort of early buyer bonus, there was no reason for Black & White players to rush to pick up the game.

Media Create also reports that Black was the more popular of the two versions, selling 817,000 units compared to White's 745,000 units. Of the total 1.56 million sales, 1.29 came from pre-orders. This is the second highest pre-order figure for the series. The highest was the original Black & White, with 1.88 million pre-orders leading to a first week total of 2.56 million sales.

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