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Idolmaster Shiny Festa Screens and Gameplay Details

The control chart revealed, plus a clarification about the bonus anime.


We have some new screens of Idolmaster Shiny Festa today. But first, a few new bits about the game.

Namco Bandai said last week that each of Shiny Festa's three versions would include an original 23 minute anime from A-1 Pictures. "Include" means that the anime is on the UMD itself, and not on a separate Blu-ray or DVD. The positive about this is that those who opt for the downloadable versions of the games will also get the anime bonus.

We also have a look at the game's control chart:

This chart maps icons to buttons. Pink means push one of the face buttons or R. Blue means push one of the d-pad directions or L. The long line means push and hold. The green icons indicate pink and blue together.

One of the neat things about the rhythm play is that the shape of the lines the icons follow change as the song progresses.

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