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Monster Hunter 4 Due in Spring 2013

Capcom shows a new trailer with new monsters, actions and fields.

The official logo for MH4, released today at Capcom Summer Jam. One interesting (?) point about MH4 is that the "4" is read "Four." Previous numbered titles had special readings -- "Dos" for 2 and "Tri" for 3.

Monster Hunter 4 will be released in Spring 2013, Famitsu.com reported today the Capcom Summer Jam event in Odaiba.

The date was listed at the end of a new trailer that was shown during the event's Monster Hunter Special stage.

According to Famitsu.com's summary, the trailer began by showing hunters gathering in what appeared to be a monster nest. A monster that looked like Rathian came swooping down from the sky, breathing fire.

The trailer continued with what looked like a new field -- a vast golden plain. As the hunters ran around the field, Famitsu's reporters spotted, as one would expect, Felynes following them.

Then, a new monster, which looked a bit like a fox, but whose movements were swift like a monkey. Standout features for the new monster appear to be big ears and claws.

Other monsters included Tigrex and Rathalos. Hunters were shown facing off against these beasts with new actions: one hunter jumping off a cliff into an attack, another attacking by climbing up a monster's back.

Before coming to a close with the Spring 2013 time frame, the trailer showed a silhouette of another new monster, this one large, and apparently swift.

Visit Famitsu.com's report for pics from the trailer. 4Gamer also has pics here.

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