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EX Troopers Trailer and Capcom Summer Jam Details

Lost Planet spinoff to feature multiplayer co-op.


Capcom shared a new trailer for Lost Planet spinoff EX Troopers at Capcom Summer Jam today. View the new footage below.

A few new details were revealed during a the game's Capcom Summer Jam stage event. Outside of the voice cast (this site's strict anti voice actor policy prevents us from providing the details, but Japanese readers will find it at Famitsu.com), the biggest news is that the Dai Sato is working on the game's scenario. Sato did the script for Stand Alone Complex and Eureka Seven, and more recently Halo Legends and Tekken Blood Vengeance.

The stage event also included a live play session from director Yasuhiro Anpo. According to Famitsu.com's writeup, Anpo gave players a tour around their home base "Academy" on EDN-3rd, showing a cafe, a development lab where the Vital Suits and weapons are made, and other facilities. You can apparently eat at the cafe to gain bonuses for your next mission.

Anpo also demonstrated one of the game's story missions and revealed that the game will have co-op multiplayer. Based off Anpo's comments, we can expect at the very least three player co-op. This isn't an official figure, though, so we'll have to wait for official announcement from Capcom.

Other revelations from the stage event included the announcement of an e-Capcom exclusive limited edition which features a figure of heroine TeeKee (look below for an early image), and the debut of a promotional animation movie from animation studio Satelight. This animation movie (you can see a sample image below) will be included with Sengoku Basara HD Collection, an HD remaster of the Sengoku Basara series that sees PS3 release on August 30.

Visit Famitsu.com for a look at the stage event, which included a live performance of the game's theme song Mr. Super Future Star by May'n.

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