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Just One Save File For Bravely Default

And other info bits from the producer.

Who is that mysterious fourth character to the right? Producer Tomoya Asano won't say just yet.

Just in case you were wondering, Square Enix's original 3DS RPG Bravely Default Flying Fairy will let players create just one save data slot. Producer Tomoya Asano, writing at the game's official Twitter, provided the little back-of-box bullet point in response to a question from a follower today.

According to the Tweet, one of the reasons for the single save data is because of some of the game's wireless features. Asano did not elaborate.

Bravely Default Flying Fairy is due for release on October 11. Square Enix has released three demos through he 3DS e-Shop, so if you're interested in seeing why it's called Bravely Default, get downloading.

Other details from the Asano at the Twitter account include:

  • The game has random encounters (for a sample of the battle system, download the third demo)
  • The game's official artwork shows a fourth male character who has yet to be identified. Asano says that this character is scenario writer Naotaka Hayashi's favorite, but we'll have to wait for a followup report.
  • One follower said that after playing the recent demo, he now knows the meaning of Bravely Default name (the battle system has "Brave" and "Default" parameters). In response to this, Asano said that we'll get an even better idea of the meaning after clearing the game.
  • When asked if equipment will be shown in the character graphics, Asano said that for the most part the graphics are based off the character's job. However, some special accessories and equipment will be shown.
  • Someone asked if the game will have voices just during event scenes and movies, or if the game part of the game will also have voices. Asano replied that most of the events have voices, and the main characters have a massive amount of voice.

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