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Tokyo Jungle Tops 200,000; Sony Aims for 210,000!

New commercial airing in Shibuya and other hot spots.


Sales and shipments for Tokyo Jungle have topped the 200,000 mark, Sony said today. The figure is through June 22 and includes shipments of the Blu-ray disc version and sales of the download version.

To commemorate the sales feat, Sony will begin airing a special commercial for the game. The commercial makes note of the 200,000 sales figure and says "Let's go for 210,000!"

You won't find this particular spot on television. Sony will air it on the following public monitors in Shibuya from today through the 10th: 109 Forum Vision, Q's Eye, MightyVision Shibuya and Shibuya Television 2.

View the spot below. For those who can't make it out to Shibuya, Sony will also be showing a video of all the videos at the official site. This will be available on the 6th.

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