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Tales of Xillia 2 Gameplay Update

Find out what Common Link Artes and Unique Link Artes are all about.


Weekly Famitsu has a few combat details for Tales of Xillia 2 this week. We shared a few bits earlier in the day, but here's the rest based off Sokuho@Hokanko's always detailed summary.

Xillia 2 brings back the Link Artes concept from the first Xillia. Link Artes are special skills that your player character can use when in a link state with another character. In Xillia 2, these are split into "Unique Link Artes" and "Common Link Artes." The former are skills that are available for specific character pairings. The latter are skills that are usable regardless of the character pairing.

Screenshots show Ludger and Leia combining two of their moves for a Unique Link Arte. Main character Ludger can also team up with Alvin, combining their respective Rapid Range and Variable Trigger moves to form Mortal Fire.

As you might have figured out from the above, Alvin and Leia, who return from Xillia, are confirmed by Famitsu as playable party members. They'll have a variety of new skills.

Elle, Xillia 2's new heroine, won't take part in battle. However, you will hear her voice her support. She will also appear in battle cut-ins. It's unclear if her shouts of support have any type of effect on the battle.

Outside of the battle details, Famitsu has detailed character introductions of the latest cast additions, Julius and Nova.

Julius, as detailed via Jump leaks last week, is Ludger's older brother. He's 28 years old, 180 centimeters tall, and serves as an agent in Clanspia corporation. He'll eat anything Ludger cooks for him, although he has a particular affinity for tomatoes. Julius goes missing following some incident on Ludger's first day of work. It's also due to this incident that Ludger develops a huge debt.

Nova was formerly Ludger's classmate (we previously listed her age as 28, but Sokuho does not list her age, so the 28 figure may have been for Julius). She now works at a Clanspia owned bank, and screenshots show her expressing surprise when Ludger first shows up to take a loan from the bank.

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