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Monster Hunter 4 Has Largest Development Scale in Series History

And other bits from Famitsu's interview with the producer and director.


Monster Hunter 4 has been in development for two years, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto revealed in a Famitsu interview this week. The game's development scale is the largest in series' history, Tsujimoto also said.

Tsujimoto was interviewed alongside MH4 director Kaname Fujioka. Here are some of the finer points from the interview based off Sokuho's summary:

Development was running in parallel with Monster Hunter 3G. Because of this, they were able to take the ideas that went over well in MH3G and use them in MH4. They added a target camera to MH3G because they were thinking about using it in MH4.

As with MH3G, you'll be able to bring two Felynes out with you on quests. The game will also have some "catchy" new elements related to Felynes.

The keyword for MH4 is "adventure," said Fujioka.

In single player mode, they'd like to offer solid drama. In an effort to better absorb players into the single player mode, they're planning major story developments. The game will have the largest number of NPCs in series history.

Your home base is called "Barubare." Unlike the villages of past MH games, Barubare is a collection of caravans which move to various areas. Famitsu introduces your caravan's leader and receptionist girl.

The game world has height variations, so they've set the camera to be a free camera.

The height variations also come into play in other ways. You can do jump attacks that make use of height differences. Enemies will also see changes to their movements based off slope and height differences. The environments can see changes and destruction.

As a new challenge, they're taking the approach of adding new options and breadth to your overground actions. The water play of MH3 will not be in MH4.

In closing comments, Fujioka said that they're aiming for the game feel to be such that you'll have fun just running about the fields. Tsujimoto said that the game will have a fresh new play feel with new elements.

Outside of the interview, Famitsu has a general preview of the game, solidifying some of the elements that were shown in the recent reveal trailer. The name of the monster with the big ears from the trailer is "Kecha Wacha." The field with the red rocks from the trailer is called "Ruins Field" (Iseki Heigen).

As we mentioned earlier, Famitsu says that the game has 1 to 4 player local play. This information is in the game's information box. There's no mention of internet play.

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