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Lost Heroes Screenshots and Skill System Details


Today's batch of Lost Heroes screenshots features seven characters, including first reveals for God Gundam, Z Gundam and Ultraman Taro.

The screens also include a look at the game's "Skill Tree" system. Each hero starts off having completely lost his powers and unable to use skills. As you do battle, you'll have to build up the character's skills, making use of a Skill Tree to freely customize the character. Defeating enemies earns you AP (ability points), which you can use to climb up the tree.

As an example, 5 AP will unlock your Beam Saber skill. 10 AP will raise the Beam Saber from level 1 to level 2. The difference is shown in these screens:

Most of the screens in the gallery represent similar content from both the PSP and 3DS versions of the game. However, there are a couple of platform-exclusive shots:

To the left, is the PSP options screen, showing the option for custom soundtracks. The PSP version lets you set individual songs for each party character. The music will play when the character uses his Hero Skill.

To the right is the 3DS version's Street Pass interface. This gives you access to randomly generated "Random Cube" dungeons. While these are also in the PSP version, Street Pass exchanges will open up dungeons with high rare item rates.

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