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Soul Sacrifice Has AI Support Allies

Plus, the latest magic and stage details.


Soul Sacrifice is a multiplayer action game. So what do you do if you feel like playing by yourself or (more likely) you just don't have any friends?

It turns out the game comes with a collection of AI-driven friends who will adventure with you. When playing the game's single player mode, you can bring two AI-driven party members out with you. They'll support you in battle, and although they move according to AI routines, you'll also have some influence on their actions.

Famitsu.com introduces one of your AI party members, the lovely Nimue. She also plays a central part in the game's story.

Playing an even more central role in the story is Rebrom. This is the name of the mysterious book you encounter when you're thrown in jail. You'll select your quests from this book.

Your neighboring prisoner gives the book to you, telling you that it provides hints about the truths of the world and how to escape from your sacrificial fate.

Famitsu also has some magic and stage details. On the magic side are a defensive magic, which makes boulders gather together to form a defensive wall, and close range attack magic, an attack that makes use of giant bones.

The new stage is Andromeda Lake Side.

We previously detailed how the demons and monsters you fight are people who were turned to demon form after using too much magic. The game's stages are also meant to represent the desires of particular people turned to physical form.

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