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Nippon Ichi's Special Reporting Division: Busty and Princely Reporters


Here are two members of the staff in Nippon Ichi's PlayStation Vita adventure game, Special Reporting Division:

The busty one to the left is Chika Murase, an announcer who appears on a variety of programs as the face of the station. Because of her appearance, in particular her chest of much abundance, she's known throughout the nation. She serves as the announcer for your show, Tokuhou.

To the right is Akio Sasori, the producer of your show.

Both Chika and Akio are original characters. But Special Reporting Division also has crossover characters from Broccoli's Uta no Prince Sama series.

This crossover apparently came about in part because many of the people working on Special Reporting Division also worked on Uta no Prince Sama.

So what exactly do you do in Special Reporting Division? Nippon Ichi shared a few high level gameplay details today. You'll start by conducting your investigative reporting, taking pictures of the scene and also recording comments from related parties. Taking your materials back to the studio, you'll use touch controls to look through the data for important bits.

Eventually, you'll create a plan for the night's broadcast. The broadcast content will change considerably depending on your selections.

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