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Something happens between now and December 2012, leaving Yakuza series tough guy a taxi driver down in Fukuoka. We still don't know what puts Kazuma behind the wheel, but today Sega did provide screens and details showing how the taxi component figures into the game.

As we detailed a few weeks back, you'll be able to take on "missions" where you transport customers to their destination. Passengers will give you instructions, like drive safely, or drive as fast as possible, or follow that car!, and you'll have to do as told.

You'll also have to converse with passengers, counseling them in their problems. It also looks like Kazuma will encounter some tough clients, including drunks and criminals who try to rob him.

Kazuma will also get into race battles with a street gang called Devil Killer -- sometimes even during a transport mission! Your goal here is to outpace your rival, making use of drifts for fast cornering. As one would expect of a Yakuza game, you'll be able to make use of Heat Action moves to pull ahead of your rival.

The game also has a car customization component. You can set your car's body color stickers, tires, and even the music that plays during races.

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