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Imageepoch's Tokitowa May Go International

CEO suggests that localization contract may be signed soon.


Imageepoch's JRPG lineup has remained mostly Japan-only thus far, but this may change with the studio's animation-heavy PR3 RPG Tokitowa. CEO Ryoei Mikage provided some hints at Twitter indicating that a localization is planned for the game.

A follower asked Mikage to bring the game to the west, noting that it could be the next evolution for RPGs. Mikage replied, in English, "The project is progressing," later adding, "It contracts soon. [Localization]."

It's presumable that Namco Bandai would handle the overseas publishing rights for Tokitowa, as they're publishing in Japan, so when Mikage speaks of a "contract," he may be referring to a contract with a studio that would do the actual localization work on the game.

Mikage first hinted at an international release for Tokitowa early last month when he said that he was holding meetings about the possibility of selling the game in the United States.

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