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New Nippon Ichi Games in Dengeki PlayStation

Project D? Project Arcadia? Hayarigami film conversion? Why are there so many question marks?


The biweekly Dengeki PlayStation leaks have started leaking, and Nippon Ichi appears to be one of the main topics. According to early reports from the usual flying get suspects, the magazine has first details on at least two new Nippon Ichi titles: Project Arcadia and Project D.

Project Arcadia is said to be a side scrolling action game.

Project D is said to be a game that will please long time Nippon Ichi fans and new fans alike.

Outside of these two game announcements, Dengeki also has first details on a movie adaptation of Nippon Ichi's visual novel series Hayarigami.

We're not sure of the validity of these reports, but we should have confirmation later in the day.

The reports also mention that Nippon Ichi will hold a press event on July 12, which is the date its recently opened anniversary site is set to go live.

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