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Disgaea Team's New Game Revealed in Dengeki

The publisher's first 20th anniversary project will finally be getting its full reveal.


Project Arcadia and Project D aren't the only two Nippon Ichi titles in Dengeki PlayStation. The magazine also has details on the new game from the Disgaea team, "Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei Paradox." Translated roughly (and purposefully trying to make it sound silly) this translates to "Gods and the Fate Revolution Paradox."

The basic premise of the game involves a boy who has become a god teaming up with an angel to grant people their wishes. The game is definitely an RPG. It may also be a strategy RPG, or at least have SRPG elements.

We already got a first look at this game a few months back, as it's the first of Nippon Ichi's two previously announced anniversary games. No, not the one with the mega bust newscasters. It's the one with Noizi Ito as character designer and the character who looked like an angel.

Here's the reveal artwork you might have seen before:

For a summary of Dengeki's reveal article from April, see this story.

As previously detailed, the game is being produced by Nippon Ichi CEO Shuhei Shinkawa and directed by Masahiro Yamamoto. Dengeki also reveals this week that the game has animation from Shirogumi.

Dengeki does not list the game's platform. A pre-site will open for the game on the 12th. The full official site will open on the 19th.

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