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Nippon Ichi's Zillions of Enemy X Game Adaptation Resurfaces


Back in April, Broccoli held a joint press conference with Shueisha and Nippon Ichi to announce Z/X Zillions of Enemy X, an original media mix project. The focus of the press conference was on Broccoli's Z/X trading card game, but Shueisha and Nippon Ichi higher ups were their to highlight their respective game and manga components.

Nippon Ichi's game component resurfaced in this week's Dengeki, but only briefly. The magazine only says that Nippon Ichi is developing the game for consumer hardware (meaning portables or consoles). The magazine does not list the platform.

Z/X is set in Japan in the not-so-distant future. Aliens from five different worlds have invaded, splitting Japan into five territories. The one hope for mankind is a card-like device that can consume the aliens.

The trading card game has simple one-on-one rules set on a three-by-three board. Broccoli began offering the game in April through a series of monthly free card releases. Access the game's official site here for more details.

The new mention of the Z/X game adaptation comes as part of a big blowout on Nippon Ichi 20th anniversary in Dengeki. We already mentioned the mysterious Project Arcadia and Project D games, and the Hayarigami film conversion. The big Nippon Ichi title in Dengeki is Gods and the Fate Revolution Paradox, which we detailed here. And, of course, there's Special Reporting Division, the studio's PlayStation Vita adventure/visual novel game.

Nippon Ichi will be hosting an event on the 12th to detail some of these games.

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